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Buzzsprout Updates

Buzzsprout Updates: Fall 2018 Roundup

There’s a chill in the air and the Buzzsprout team has a new batch of updates, fresh from the oven. Here’s a quick look at some recent improvements that are available right now in your account.

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Apple Podcasts logo on light gray background

How to submit a podcast to Apple Podcasts: The step-by-step Guide

With over 550,000 podcast listings, Apple Podcasts is the #1 podcast directory. It's where most people search for new podcasts and it's the first place new podcasters need to get listed.

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Make Money Podcasting

How to make money with your podcast without selling ads

When it comes to making money with your podcast, selling ads is often the first place people go. It may seem straightforward, but it’s not always the best, or most lucrative, option.

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How to Promote Your Podcast on Social Media

You can create a fantastic podcast, but unless you have a plan to promote it, you'll have a hard time growing your audience. Here's how to promote your podcast on social media.

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How to Choose a Name For Your Podcast

Choosing the right name for your podcast can be intimidating. You want it to perfectly describe what your podcast is about but in a way that is fun and will catch your audience’s attention.

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Podcast Templates

Streamline Your Podcast Workflow With Templates

How can you reduce the amount of time you devote to recording and editing each episode without compromising the quality of your podcast? Templates!

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7 Strategies to Land Your Dream Podcast Interview

Podcasters just like you land their dream interviews on a consistent basis, elevating the quality of their show and providing unbelievable value to their listeners.

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How to ask great podcast interview questions

Have you ever lost your train of thought in the middle of interviewing a guest on your podcast? Take your podcast interviews to the next level by implementing these five fool-proof strategies.

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Podcast Budgeting: How much does it cost to start a podcast?

Starting a podcast doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are the basics you'll need to get started so you can focus on getting your podcast out into the world.

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Google Podcasts on light gray background

Submit your podcast to Google Podcasts: The step-by-step guide

Google Podcasts is a new podcasting project from Google. This post explains how it is different from Google Play Podcasts and how to get your podcast listed.

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Why you should transcribe your podcast episodes

You have worked diligently to create a podcast with unique content that you think is enlightening, informative, or perhaps even transformational, and you want to share it with the world. But what is the next step?

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4 Strategies to Turn Casual Listeners into Raving Fans

When you’re able to create a thriving community around your podcast, you’ll have passionate fans that spread your message like wildfire.

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Learn How To Create A Podcast Intro Your Listeners Will Love

Start your podcast off with an exceptional podcast intro. This guide has lot of examples, recommendations, and a free script to help you create your own!

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Submit Podcast to Spotify

Submit Your Podcast to Spotify: Step by Step Guide

Now almost everybody can get their podcast into Spotify. Follow these steps to add your podcast to Spotify, even if you don't host with Buzzsprout.

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Podcast Guides: 26 of The Best Podcasting Resources

There are excellent podcasting guides all over the internet, but there is also a lot of junk. This article highlights 26 of the best free podcasting resources.

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Podcast Music

What Podcasters Need to Know About Royalty Free & Stock Music

A simple guide that will help you untangle the lingo around music in podcasts and find great resources for free and low-cost music for podcasts.

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Podcast Show Notes

How to Format Your Podcast Show Notes

A simple guide to HTML for podcasters. Learn how to format your podcast show notes to include links, lists, and text formatting with some basic HTML.

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Add the New iOS 11 Podcasting Tags to Your Podcast

Now you can specify some more information about your podcast in Buzzsprout that will feed into iTunes and Apple Podcasts.

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How to Record Long-distance Podcast Interviews

How do you record a great episode when your co-host or guest isn't in the same room as you? We break down all the different tools to help you get a great long-distance podcast recording.

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Podcasting Tools Hero Image

13 Essential Podcasting Tools For Every Podcaster

There are lots of great tools to help take your podcast to the next level. Here are 13 of our favorites to help you come up with ideas, schedule interviews, record your podcast, and much more.

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Group of potential podcast guests

10 Ways to Land Top Podcast Guests That Will Help Grow Your Audience

Just because your podcast is new doesn't mean you can't book well-known guests. This post will give you the tools to land some of the top guests for your podcast.

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Podcast recording, editing, and mixing tips

How to Record, Edit, and Mix a Great Sounding Podcast

Everyone knows that content is king, but sometimes how a podcast sounds can be so distracting that people bail after a few minutes. Here are a few tips to help you record, edit, and mix a podcast that sounds as great as your content deserves.

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How to Design Stunning Podcast Cover Art That Stands Out in iTunes

While excellent episode content is the focus of podcasting, your podcast cover art is the first thing new listeners will see. Follow these 10 tips to create awesome podcast artwork.

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Best Science Podcast Image

The Best Science Podcasts - 2017

Learn more about the world we live in by listening to these brilliant podcasts. These are the top 10 best science podcasts in 2017.

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Supercharge Your Podcast Growth by Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a powerful platform that you can leverage to reach new listeners and grow your podcast, but less than 2% of podcasters are using it. Learn how to use PPC to grow your podcast.

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How to get feedback from your podcast listeners

It is great to get feedback and hear from your listeners—hearing how much somebody enjoys your podcast is some of the best encouragement you can receive. And audience feedback is one of the best ways to come up with ideas for new posts.

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Move your podcast to a new host in 4 easy steps…

Sometimes it’s time for a change. Maybe your podcast host doesn’t have the features you need, they are raising their prices, or maybe they are closing their doors...

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How to Pick The Perfect Topic For Your Next Podcast

How do you know what to topics to cover? It’s tricky picking subject matter that will inspire conversation, but it is worth the effort.

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Visual Soundbite: The best way to share a podcast on Facebook

The Visual Soundbite is the best way to share your podcast on Facebook. Each soundbite is uploaded to Facebook to get the full benefits of video.

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10 Steps to Your First 10 Episodes

Starting your own podcast can be daunting and challenging, but it doesn’t need to be so difficult and frustrating that you don’t enjoy it and you give up.

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How to Submit Your Podcast to Google Play Music

One of the most difficult aspect of podcasting is getting people to discover your podcast. Learn how to submit your podcast to Google Play.

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Announcing the Custom Podcast Player From Buzzsprout

We’re thrilled to announce the Custom Podcast Player - a brand new tool to create a completely custom and unique embed player for your website.

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Expert Podcasting Tips: How to Launch a Successful Podcast

We asked top podcasters the following question: What is the single biggest mistake new podcasters make?

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Mobile Learning: Why Tech Savvy Educators Are Turning to Podcasts

As our world becomes more connected, podcasts are becoming the driving force behind a shift in the way we learn.

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10,000 Podcasters!

Now Serving Over 10,000 Podcasters!

We’re excited to share that Buzzsprout is now serving over 10,000 podcasters in 31 countries and 38 languages

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3 Reasons Every Podcaster Should Be Excited About #PM2014

Dan Franks, Jared Easley, and the other creators of Podcast Movement have come onto the podcast scene at a crucial time in its development.

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Exciting Changes to Your Podcast Statistics in Buzzsprout

This post is an explanation of the new statistics section, why we created it the way we did, and what purpose the numbers serve...

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How to Get Your Podcast Featured in iTunes New and Noteworthy

The benefits of getting featured in the iTunes “New & Noteworthy” section are hard to understate...

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How to Get the Best Sounding Audio for Your Podcast

Once you’re finished with a podcast recording, a few minutes of post production can take a good recording and make it great.

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